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Prof. Dr. Satoru Mori

Prof. Dr. Satoru Mori

Professor at the Department of Global Politics, Faculty of Law, Hosei University

Satoru Mori is a professor at the Department of Global Politics, Faculty of Law, Hosei University. Prof. Dr. Mori’s fields of interest are U.S. foreign and defense policy and international politics. He is currently involved in policy research projects organized by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), the Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS), the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation (RJIF), and the Tokyo Foundation.

He has delivered remarks at workshops and events organized by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Pacific Command, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for a New American Security, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, among others. Prof. Dr. Mori is currently undertaking research on U.S. strategy in Asia as well as an academic research project on the Nixon administration’s defense planning for Asia.

He is a former Foreign Ministry official, and holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo, LL.M. degrees from Columbia University Law School and Kyoto University, and a LL.B. degree from Kyoto University. During his sabbatical leave, he was a visiting researcher at Princeton University (2014-2015) and George Washington University (2013-2015).

He also advises the Japanese government in his capacity as a senior fellow of the National Security Secretariat. Prof. Dr. Mori is a recipient of the 2015 Nakasone Yasuhiro Incentive Award.

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